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Tuesday May 29, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday July 19, 2018 1pm - 3.30pm ; Thursday July 19, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday August 23, 2018 1pm-3.30pm ; Thursday August 23, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday October 11, 2018 1pm - 3.30pm ; Thursday October 11, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday November 15, 2018 1pm - 3.30pm ; Thursday November 15, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm
MFS Beginners

MFS Beginners will introduce you to the fundamental skills of floral design. These classes focus on basic floristry techniques that can be applied to many different designs, you will create simple beautiful floral pieces to take home. The knowledge gained, will enable you to reproduce these designs time and time again. No prior experience is necessary, only a love of learning and a passion for flowers.

Tuesday July 17, 2018 6pm - 8.30 pm ; Tuesday August 21, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Tuesday October 9, 2018 6pm - 8.80pm ; Tuesday November 13, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm
MFS Advanced I

Continue to advance your floristry skills with the MFS Advanced I. Learn to create and style florals for varied occasions. Using an array of vessels together with Oasis floral foam, students explore design options.

Saturday August 18, 2018 10am - 5.30pm ; Saturday September 8, 2018 10am - 5.30pm ; Saturday September 22, 2018 10am - 5.30pm ;
MFS Advanced II

In this 1 day intensive workshop, students cover large scale designs. MFS will guide you through contemporary and traditional designs, providing step-by-step tuition, through which you will discover how grand arranging can be made easy. If you love flowers, let you imagination run wild with these large designs.

Saturday June 16, 2018 10am – 5.30pm ; Saturday July 7, 2018 10am - 5.30pm ; August 11, 2018 10am - 5.30pm
MFS Wedding I

Whether you are looking to create your best friend’s wedding or enter the world of wedding and events, this is the course for you.

Saturday June 23, 2018 10am – 5.30pm ; Saturday July 28, 2018 10am - 5.30pm ; Saturday August 25, 2018 10am - 5.30pm
MFS Wedding II

In this intensive workshop students will further the skills learned in MFS Wedding I.

June 9 &10, 2018 10am-4.30pm;
MFS Weddings & Events Masterclass

Learn how to create large-scale event florals with ease. Join MFS for a two day masterclass as we guide you through creating stunning floral pieces suitable for engagements, weddings, corporate events and more. Students will photograph all large floral structures for their portfolios. Before the day ends each student will create a large vase design, approximately 1 metre in height with an abundance of flowers suitable for a wedding or function, to take home and inspire the creativeness learnt throughout the day.

Saturday June 30, 2018 12pm - 2.30pm ; Saturday July 14, 2018 12pm - 2.30pm ;
Secret Garden Bowl

Infusing art with nature, Melbourne Flower School will teach you techniques and how to create will learn how to take a wonderful variety blooms and foliage and create a beautiful bowl

Tuesday July 3, 2018 6pm - 7pm ; Thursday July 5, 2018 6pm - 7pm ; Tuesday October 2, 2018 6pm - 7pm ; Thursday October 4, 2018 6pm - 7pm ;
Express Workshop

Students will add natural elements to a timber slice to create a unique floral design. In this 1 hour workshop, MFS will teach you how use a minimal amount of materials to create a petite floral totem. Learn how to forage interesting pieces from your garden to create this beauty at home.

Thursday June 7, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday June 21, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday July 12, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ;
Posy Perfection

Create a beautiful high-top posy using seasonal blooms and foliages.

Tuesday July 3, 2018 11am - 12.30pm ; Thursday July 5, 2018 11am - 12.30pm ; Tuesday October 2, 2018 11am - 12.30pm ; Thursday October 4, 2018 11am - 12.30pm
Mad Hatter’s Tea

We’re all mad here. Tumble down the rabbit hole with MFS as your children to enjoy an adventure into the spectacular world of flowers with our Mad Hatter’s Tea workshop.

Saturday August 4, 2018 12pm - 2pm ; Saturday September 1, 2018 12pm - 2pm ;
Planted Phalaenopsis Bowl

Infusing art with nature, Melbourne Flower School will teach you techniques and how to create a beautiful 32cm sphere vase using a variety of materials and Phalaenopsis orchids plants. What a beauty!

Thursday June 14, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Thursday June 28, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Tuesday July 10, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ; Tuesday September 25, 2018 6pm - 8.30pm ;
Unstructured Posy

In this workshop learn how to create a Bohemian style posy suitable for bridal flowers or a natural vase look.

MFS Professional Floral Design

Melbourne Flower School can turn your career dreams into a creative reality with the Professional Floral Design course. MFS Professional Floral Design course is undertaken 1 day each week for 24 weeks. You will learn and craft your floristry skills through a practical, hands-on approach and will also be given the opportunity to expand your experience by assisting with corporate events and weddings.

Hens Flower Crown Workshop

Gather your bride tribe and girl squad and spend an afternoon creating a flower crown fit for a queen as you indulge in champagne and antipasto platters.

Creating art with nature